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Collins UMC was organized on February 1, 1900 by Reverend J. S. Raynor.  A vacant grocery store building housed those first Methodists. The first person received into membership at the church was Mr. G. J. Pope. The present main church building was built in 1950, and on March 18, 1951 it held its first worship service. 

Today Collins UMC has approximately 100 members with an average worship attendance of around 64. We continue to look for new opportunities to reach out into our community to “make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

In one of his sermons, John Wesley (the founder of Methodism) said, “Though we cannot think alike, may we not love alike?” At Collins, we definitely do not think alike. Just eavesdrop on some of the conversations between Rebels and Bulldogs on Sunday mornings in the fall. Or listen to the exchanges at a church supper when someone asks for “unsweet tea!”  Wow! The Methodists who meet at the corner of Fir and Second Streets definitely do not think alike. Yet like any family, we do everything we can to love alike. The Methodists of Collins try their best to follow the advice the Apostle Paul offered the Christians at Corinth: “Make love your aim” (I Cor. 14:1). I won’t fool you and say that we always get it right. If you’re looking for a perfect church, you won’t find it here. Yet we try our best. And it would be our honor to include you into the family.


Tom Buckley